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Widyawati Boediningsih
Arief Dwiatmoko


The concept of development to land procurement as residence eko sufism based its current submit to occo (late latin) which means their (village) aikos (greece) berabrtiĀ  houseĀ  (haouse) habitat which means hause house. Is are the dwelling place of the family and the members of the group .Word is also used adjectively were afterward subjected to shift occurred in the the meaning of means a sense of ownership of the living environment .Isitilah the surroundings as brief expression of of the living environment are often called with the world , of the nature of semseta , the planet earth, and also some terms as envirnment (england) leviron ment (living and his neighborhood). In ecology someone be able to learn a living thing acquire a region as a unity or the system with it in the entire world .The range of possible talks could go forward as ecology is 1): individual so they can be / organisma 2) percent of the population 3) communities expressing their commitment to 4) the ecosystem 5) biosfir. For the improvement of improvement in the quality of the lives of the community , especially in cities which are densely populated , can be is realised through the construction of flats, that must be complied and accompanied in a balanced and by an improvement of improvement in the quality of a housing complex which already eko based to sufism which is hard for the theme of about life in to sufism usually came in in spend some time talking about a manifestation of its (being due to being exist or are the existence of) good (shall be obliged to meet the goal of providing al-wujud) and the clean water that the match will be held (almawjudat). This theme continue to crowded discussed by the sufi until now.At least there are several theories about form (existences) among sufi as where occurring in the life of the people.The concept of form are the most fundamental to understand relation between the lord, human and nature.Talks improvement not only, in the sense that quantitative, but also qualitative by allowing held his housing and in accordance with essence of their functions which form cannot be separated to the concept of mawjud.Password: policy based eko-sosiofisme land procurement.

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