Aplikasi Bermain Peran pada Siswa Sekolah Dasar Islam dalam Meningkatkan Moralitas Siswa

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Yuli Azmi Rozali
Novendawati Wahyu Sitasari
Ikbal Rahmat
Abdurrahman Abdurrahman


Education is one of the gates for shaping the morality of the nation's children, both informal education and non-formal education. Elementary school is the foundation for the moral development of students. At school, student moral formation is carried out through daily subjects such as Islamic education subject, from the elementary school to the university level.  Many factors can influence learning achievement; one of them is the learning method; an example is a role-playing method. The research design was a quasi-experiment in two-group pretest-posttest. The population was Islamic Elementary School student’s in Jakarta,  t-test analytical, with or significant (p) = <0.05. Based on the results of the obtained that the significant value of (p) = 0.000 ((p) <0.05). It shows that there is a difference in the morality level of Jakarta Islamic elementary school students based on giving role-playing learning methods. The magnitude of the mean value possessed by the two groups shows the mean of the experimental group is greater (µ = 11,000) when compared to the mean of the control group (µ = 10,000). 

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