Edu Fun Dancing dan Perkembangan Fisik Motorik Kasar AUD Sebagai Dukungan Literasi Kebudayaan

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Valentine Aqwarinna Gempita
Bustomi Arifin
Ida Ayu Puspita Sari
Rosyidatun Nafisah
Rellista Yulianti Putri


There are 6 developmental aspects that need to be developed in early childhood education. These aspects play an important role in developing growth and intelligence in children. One of them is physical motor which is an element of maturity and control of body movements. In this development there are two skills, namely gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Rough motorisation begins with playing which is a rough movement that matches the stages of its development. While fine motors in children includes the child's ability to show and master muscle movements. As early childhood educators, we try to develop children's motor skills through fun and not boring ways. In addition, the purpose of this study is to support traditional culture literacy from an early age.

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