Metode Bermain Peran Sebagai Usaha Meningkatkan Keterampilan Guru Untuk Menangani Bullying Di SDN 11 Duri Kepa Jakarta Barat

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Novendawati Wahyu Sitasari
Yuli Azmi Rozali


The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the role playing method as an effort to improve teacher knowledge and skills in managing bullying at SD N 11 Duri Kepa. The population and sample in this study were teachers at SD N 11 Duri Kepa, amounting to 19 teachers. The scale of knowledge and skills in handling bullying is based on references from Olweus (1993) and the Teacher Inventory of Skills and Knowledge (TISK) compiled by Horne, Bartolomucci, & Newman (2004). The research method was quasi-experimental with non-randomized one-group pretest-posttest design, and the analysis test used was t-test. Statistical test results obtained by the significance of (p) = 0.014; (p) <0.05, which means that there is an effect of the role playing method on the teacher's knowledge, and the significance result is (p) = 0.920; (p)> 0.05 there is no effect of the role playing method on teacher skills.

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